5 Day Schedule 

Day 1) Book checkout and read aloud

Day 2) Engineering Challenge

Day 3) Coding Challenge 

Day 4) Chromebook Activity

Day 5) Book review / return and prizes 


Points can be used to buy prizes at the end of your technology week

Prizes are listed here

Points are awarded for...
Following directions
Quiet transitions 
Helping others
Completing activities 
Returning books on time
Re-shelving books correctly
Anything that Mr. Kohr feels is point-worthy

Points can be taken away at any time 

At the end of each week anyone who saves their points for the next technology and media class will earn 10 super-saver points as a bonus 



Be kind

Be respectful 

Help others

Have fun

Book Check-out

We check-out books on the first day and return them on your last day

We are borrowing the books so we must take good care of them

If you lose the book or damage the book you have to pay for it

When we return the book you will be asked to do a book review
(tell us about your book) 
Book reviews will be digital or in-person

Returning a book on time and completing a book review earns you 5 points


Bouncy Chairs

Bottom stays on the chair

Two feet on the ground 

Use it or lose it