Randall Kohr 

Technology / Media Specialist 

Ocean City Primary School 

2019 NJSBA School Leader

2017 ISTE Emerging Leader


My name is Randy Kohr and I am a technology / media specialist teaching K to 3 students at the Ocean City Primary School, located in Ocean City, New Jersey. My goal as an educator is to offer my students fun and engaging learning opportunities that will instill a passion for the fields of technology, design, media, information, and video production. The Ocean City Media Center is home to several exiting resources which include: a LEGO makerspace, green screen production studio, technology lab, and library. 21st century learning, STEAM, design-thinking, coding, engineering, CAD design, research, and online safety are areas of focus throughout the four year technology/media program. By the end of 3rd grade students have built a repertoire of skills and experiences that make them well-rounded digital citizens and capable designers. 

To my students...

When I was a kid I used to think my teachers were robots. I thought that they didn't have lives outside of school, they were teachers...they only...teach. Well, later in life I learned that teachers are ordinary people who have families, hobbies, and interests just like everyone else. To prove that I am not a robot here are a few things about me. Maybe we have something in common? 

My hobbies include surfing, fishing, golfing and soccer
















I have a french bulldog named Pablo (he is awesome) 


I love teaching because I get to hang out with awesome kids every day 



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